Holistic dental treatment in Barcelona

Integrated health is what drives us; that’s why we believe in holistic treatment, a concept that brings together the health of the whole body, resulting in Healthy mouth, Healthy body, beginning as ever with dental education.

Meet our Doctors and Dental Hygienist.

Together we speak English, Spanish, Catalan and Swedish and are among the first clinics with a holistic approach to dental treatment in Barcelona.

expat dental clinic in Barcelona Stefan

Dr. Stefan Tingsvall, Swedish-trained dentist

Dr. Stefan Tingsvall is a Swedish-trained dentist who works to remove pain. His prime concern is to preserve your natural teeth, and integrity is the word that best describes his methodology. He works to educate patients and help them feel that they are in good hands.

expat dental clinic in Barcelona Elena

Elena McCarthy, US-trained dental hygienist

Elena McCarthy is a United States-trained dental hygienist, who not only cleans but also motivates and educates patients. Her passion and belief in her work come across to patients, helping them to respond to treatment.

An expert in children’s dental education, with wide experience in many educational centres and schools in Barcelona. An advisor in several centres in the community

alejandro escanilla casal Expat Dental Clinic in Barcelona

Dr. Alejandro Escanilla Casal, Spanish implantologist

Dr Alejandro Escanilla Casal is a Spanish trained dentist and implantologist with an impressive CV, numerous publications and many years experience with both aesthetics and odontology. Alejandro is fluent in Spanish and Catalan and has a high level in English.


Dr Andreia Gato Cabacinhol, Dentist & Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr Andreia Gato Cabacinho is a Portuguese dentist formed at the University of Barcelona, with a post-graduation in Aesthetic Dentistry and a master degree in Orthodontics, also specialized in Invisalign. Fluent in English, Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese.

Why a Holistic and natural approach to dental treatment?

Let’s begin by saying that: taking care of your mouth (teeth & gums) naturally you will obtain far greater results in curing and preventing diseases, then the conventional method. Although it is much slower the healing process eventually you will come out way ahead!


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