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We are a multilingual and experienced team of dentist with a holistic approach to natural dental treatment.


Keeping your natural smile
for life.


English & Spanish speaking holistic dental clinic in Barcelona

Tingsvall & McCarthy is a Dental Clinic located in Zona Alta of Barcelona. We specialise in conserving your natural teeth by means of a holistic and natural treatment and dental education.

English speaking dental clinic in Barcelona

At Tingsvall & McCarthy we are four dental health professionals, a dentist from Sweden, a dentist from UK and a hygienist from USA, working from our private clinic in Barcelona, zona alta. Lately we have the pleasure to work with Spanish and Mexican trained Dr. Juan Carlos Díaz Rendón, an experienced dentist and doctor.

Our philosophy focuses on conserving your natural teeth by means of treatment and dental education. Our staff is both English, Swedish, Spanish and Catalan speakers. You can read more details about them here

The attention you receive by us is personalized, relaxed, tailored for each patient, and is oriented to enhance your smile and help you exude self-confidence via a healthy and natural smile 🙂

Our dentists and hygienist are highly trained professionals who focus on quality results and a good finish in all types of dental services.

English speaking dentist Barcelona

Dr. Stefan Tingsvall

Swedish trained doctor and dentist

Elena McCarthy

United States-trained dental hygienist

alejandro escanilla casal holistic dental clinic barcelona

 Dr. Alejandro Escanilla Casal

Spanish Implantologist

 Dr. Andreia Gato Cabacinho

Dentist & Aesthetic Dentistry

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Our Services

  • Dental Hygiene
  • Aesthetics
  • Prosthetics
  • Dental Surgery
  • Periodontal Treatments
  • Endodontics
  • Natural Whitenings
  • Introduction to the dental office for children

Where we are

English speaking dental clinic in Barcelona

47 Castellnou, Bajos – 08017 Barcelona

tel: 93 205 19 03
mobile: 636 31 25 22

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