Our Herbal Rinses

By July 14, 2016Uncategorized

I have created a variety of natural herbal rinses that I use during patient treatments and also at home for home use. Whereas chemical rinses that are normally used in dental offices consist of dyes that harm your delicate tissues, we use rinses to help heal and eliminate bacteria because we should treat our gums and mouth gently. There are six rinses total used throughout my practice, each one specific to the patient and their mouth. The first rinse we will talk about is The Maintenance rinse. This is designed for people who have healthy tissues and gums, but need to prevent more bacteria in the mouth. This rinse consists of rosemary which is a toner for the mouth, Lavender which is a relaxant, Cola de Caballo which is an anti inflammatory, and sage which is known to be used for digestive problems as a disinfectant and as a relaxant.



The next rinse we have is the The Regeneration rinse which is used for remineralizing calcium in your teeth and strengthening your dental enamel. The Cola Caballo in this brings out the inflammation. This herbal rinse consists of Vitamin C which is used to retain the gums health. Then we have Llanten which is a type of plantain which has the ability to smooth inflamed and sore mucous membranes. Rosemary and cinnamon also make up this rinse.




The Third rinse we have is the rinse used for bleeding gums.  It consists of Nogal, clavo, cola caballo, Escarmujo and Llanten. All of these are disinfectants which suck out all the bacteria in the mouth especially when there is bleeding in the gums occurring.




The fourth rinse is called Brochcism. There is lavender and rose petals in it to relax the patient and there is also azahar which is orange blossom. These are all used as healers of the mouth.





The fifth rinse is the Children rinse. This rinse is used only for children because it is very gentle and used mainly to calm and relax the patient. It also a disinfectant.  This rinse is composed of Manzanilla, Calendula, Cola Caballo, Tomillo, Stevia, and Melisa. The Manzanilla and Melisa in this rinse are calming herbs that are very relaxing for the patient. The Stevia herb in this rinse gives the patient a slight sweet flavor. The Calendula is marigold flowers which is beneficial in reducing inflammation and promoting wound healing.






Our sixth and final rinse we have is our delicate gums rinse. It is used for people who have delicate gums and to treat infection or pain in the gums. This rinse consists of Llanten, oregano, ampola, enebro, calendula, and milenrama.